Friday, June 17, 2005

A Brief, Brief Note

I have so many things I want to comment on and so many things to say...however, my bed is calling.

I never knew a shower could feel as good as the one I just took did! :)

I want to make sure my team knows I love them all...if I had to be shut up in a room with five people for five days, these were definitely the people to be there with!

All of our supporters, ranging from our amazing HDPL family, to our family, friends, volunteers and sponsors...if we could put your names in the book, right along with ours, we would! You all did so much to keep us going and there's no way we would ever had made it without you! We cannot possibly thank you enough. I have such an appreciation for everything everyone did for us this week!

I'll blog again soon, to relay some more of my thoughts...but for now, sleep beckons!

100 hours 33 minutes!! We rock!!


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