Friday, June 17, 2005

I Want to Be Philosophical

But other folks have already said everything...which is fine with me, since I was getting about 6 hours sleep while they were posting!

Earlier in the week, I mentioned that I get to play Hermione at our Harry Potter party in July. However, if I were to channel the spirit of anyone in the books/movies right now, it would be...Severus Snape. Without going into detail, I will say that we currently have the same hairstyle...Plus, outside Miss Know-It-All Granger, Snape would be the best to play.

I'm kind of rambling right now, but I'm feeling pretty good. I took Marcie's advice and stood up for the last half hour of my shift last night. I was kind of rocking back and forth the entire time, but there was never a moment when I thought I would fall asleep.

The thing that I was most concerned about coming into this week was us all getting along. We had SUCH a good mix of personalities, though, that there was never an irritable moment. And THAT is saying something. Despite my little Real World saying at the beginning of the week, there was never a moment when it stopped being polite.

The thing that most encouraged me was in the wee hours when I'd get up to spot Marcie, who was a trooper. I'd heckle her, just to let her know I was paying attention and pulling for her, really, and then Mae would get up to spot me, and of course she's ALWAYS cheerful. Between the little dances she does, and the flailing, it's fairly easy to stay entertained, even while reading. It was just great to know that there was someone else there with you when all you wanted to do was curl up and sleep...



At 10:06 AM, Anonymous rebeccapaulhill said...

I love it when you wax philosophical, Joan!

Can't wait to get there and see you in your cool chipotle duds!


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