Wednesday, June 15, 2005

My Tooties (aka feet) smell and feel AWESOME!!!!!

I just had the wonderful experience of getting a foot bath and spa experience from our Body Shop expert Rebecca Hill!!!! THANK YOU REBECCA!!!

Let me explain the experience: First we soaked our feet in a warm water tub and then were given a michael jackson like glove and some great smelling lotion/soap for washing. We then did an exfoliating session and were able to scrub away all the bad germs and dirt off our tooties!!! I really liked that!!!!

Next we were given some lotions to rub on our calves and legs to help improve circulation. IT FELT GREAT!!! After exfoliation and lotions we put on a refining mask over our tooties and as they sat to dry it felt so cool and refreshing!!! We then washed off the mask and put on some more wonderful smelling lotions and let them soak into our skin. Rebecca finished off the experience with a peppermint smelling spray that was applied to the bottom of our tooties!!! All I can say is WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!! I don't think my tooties have ever been so clean or looked so pretty!!!

So the offer still stands.... if you are in the local area and want to come and smell my tooties you won't be disappointed!!!! I promise!!!!!!!! =)


At 8:24 PM, Blogger rebeccapaulhill said...

Great play by play, Bryan! You might consider adding The Body Shop At Home business opportunity alongside your current career activities... ;-)

I'm so glad that you all enjoyed the feet treats! I had a blast sharing the joy with you.

Not to mention the fact that I was merely responding to a desperate petition from volunteers, visitors and staff to help de'feet' de feet!


Here's to pretty smelling toes and good luck tonight--I know you'll power through.

See you all tomorrow!

At 9:04 PM, Anonymous Letter K Letter T said...

Hi Bryan,

Sounds like you are working especially hard this week!! Good luck reaching your goal!

At 9:26 PM, Blogger Joanne Ross said...

I've been privy to Rebecca's foot experience. Heavenly! Must have been a wonderful treat! kp asked if I could come by and volunteer but I haven't been able to make it over. I've been with you in spirt though. Telling my students in my classes about your record breaking excitement. I hope to stop over tomorrow in order to see the lovely Mae read the record breaking text. Wish I could have been there supporting you sooner. You are really some amazing people. I completely admire not only your stamina but your comraderie and obvious love for the written word. Either that or you are all gluttons for punishment (not just you Mae, although that is obvious)... See you tomorrow! Proud of you all!!

At 10:01 PM, Anonymous Sody, the wife said...

Each time I visit, I am in awe that your spirit is still so amazingly high! Getting foot baths, massages, tons of AWESOME food, and getting a character (sp?) of yourself on day three of the event...would keep any person going, right? -) I've had the pleasure of hearing every one of you read. Keep it up! We are definitely impressed!
P.S. Bryan, Greg T. called! Are you able to email him?

At 1:26 PM, Blogger KP said...

This may go down as the most popular entry on this blog, I'm hearing about Bryan's "Tooties" from everyone...really...everyone!

Maybe we can set-up a foot modeling job for Bryan next to help raise money!


At 9:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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