Thursday, June 16, 2005

News from the front

Things are a bit slow today, which is a good thing. I could use some sleep, but I am too stoked to sleep. This time tomorrow, this will all be over. I will miss my team mates & all the support from co-workers & friends. This has has been a once in a lifetime experience, and it is all good. We may complain (Marcie is resident complainer) about lack of creature comforts, but all in all, it was worth it. We had a major giggle eruption over the jigsaw puzzle, we discovered Shannon is a puzzle piece hoarder.
We are actually starting to talk about the logistics of shutting down the operation, that's how close we are to completion.
I have to struggle with myself not to get all mushy about the emotions I am feeling now about my team mates & my co-workers - I love you guys. Extra special credit for this event goes to Kristy, without all of her help, support & crazy surprises we would not have been able to pull this off. Enough with the mush!
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At 3:47 PM, Anonymous Eliza said...

That's sweet Mae. I know you will miss everything but we all miss you guys at work. Even Bryan.

At 4:06 PM, Blogger Rachel said...

a whoo hoo for Kristy! She really has done a lot for this. Way to go!


At 5:20 PM, Blogger KP said...

Ya'll are really sweet!

Whoa- that sounded like Bryan reading! Scary

But thank you!



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