Friday, June 17, 2005

Significant Note of Time

Well, folks, there are now officially less than 12 hours to go. I am waiting for my 1:30 a.m. reading shift. Marcie is reading now. She has dark circles under her eyes, but is otherwise still quite the trooper.

If anyone is ever crazy enough to try this, here are some tips to get through the night:

1. Stand up and read (Marcie is currently employing this technique)
2. Drink water (she employed this technique a minute ago)
3. Make it interactive! (Of course, this is a Bryan thing...we were reading an Agatha Christie, and it frequently mentioned a place called Fernley Park. Well, Bryan's last name is Fearn (same pronunciation) and so when he got to any mention of Fernley Park he would have a significant pause (much less than 30 seconds, Guinness folks!) while whoever was in the room would shout it out!

Forgive those improperly nested parentheses...I've had less than 15 hours sleep this entire week, I think, and my grammar is suffering!

By the way, another heart-warming ritual we have developed is to clap (sometimes lightly if others are trying to sleep) when someone is done. Marcie will be getting a light but well-meaning clap from me when she finishes this shift, b/c you can see that it's tough!


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